To Your Service

In Uniclinic’s Dental Clinics, the patient could benefit from the latest means of dental technology, favouring the most modern and advanced treatments, tailored to your needs.

Since a person comes into our clinics, our professionals analyse each case and offer a personalised, close and trusted treat trying to respond to the particularities of each patient. We worry about the health care that we will provide should be exactly what the patient needs, but also we put our services to fulfil their potential, offering facilities so that they can afford their treatments.

¿Why Uniclinic?



Our professionals have only one priority: You. From the moment you step in our clinics, the patient meets a close, trusted and personalized treatment. Each case has the same importance for us, so we have staff who is in charge of responding to all your needs as well as keep track of your treatments from inception to completion.



Most importantly for Uniclinic is being able to respond to all the needs of our patients. Therefore, we dispose of specialized staff for the implementation of closed personnel budgets, from the beginning to the end of treatment, with payment facilities and funding. We offer different options for each case, with the aim of responding to treatment required by the patient.



We provide all the specialties at the same centre. This allows us to offer a response with a high degree of professionalism and the adaptation to particularities that each treatment required. Our dentists and doctors are continued preparing for being in the latest treatments and techniques, as well as providing reliable information on the patient’s treatment required and its durability over time.


If you have any questions or need to contact us, send us your query through this form. Do not forget that in Uniclinic Dental Clinics, we are here to help.