Quality Pieces

A dental prosthesis is an artificial element designed to restore the anatomy of one or more dental pieces. The fixed prosthesis is traditionally by placing implants on which subsequently is screwed or fixed a new denture. This process achieves the recovery of functionality of a normal denture.

The technology of dental prostheses takes more than a hundred years without changes. The only current improvement, the patient can find in Uniclinic’s clinics, is that the materials have improved, they are more aesthetic and less heavy. In this area we respond to patients for their pathologies or habits or their financial situation, they cannot access implants.




The main benefit of a patient to resort to a dental prosthesis is to win in safety and aesthetics, since you can have all the pieces of the mouth. The stability and functionality that report each prosthesis will be dependent however on each case and patient.


Applied Technology


Traditional Technology

We employ traditional technology of dental prosthesis, with over a century of implantation. There are many types of dental prosthesis, which are classified into two groups: fixed and removable prosthesis.

In Uniclinic all these traditional technologies in the area of dental prostheses are used, covering all the usual patient needs. Our clinics stand out for having the best materials, providing greater aesthetic quality.


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