Our Philosophy

The Patient
The Most Important

In Uniclinic, the patient and their needs are the most important for us. Therefore, we keep detailed monitoring of every case that comes to our clinics with a close treatment in which we make all our patients are in a family atmosphere and they feel as they are in good hands. We try to make the best possible treatment plan, to be benefited by our working philosophy, can squeeze all the benefits provided by our medical and technical resources.

Unlike other clinics, we work with closed budgets, from beginning to end. This allows the patient to have information at all times of the treatment that he/she will receive.



The first contact that offer our work system is the Patient Management Department. Here, in addition to initial reception, our patients have support staff in charge of controlling the agenda and do all the monitoring of each case since entering Uniclinic until the end of treatment. Our clinics maximize the care of needs of each patient, the attention to further developments in treatment and close and trusted treatment.


The patient who decides to have Uniclinic services, gets in contact with the Department of Administration and Finance. Here, our clinics have specialist staff who cares for responding to each case, analysing their needs and providing facilities in terms of payments, funding formulas and acceptance of treatments through budgets. Our main concern is the patient, so we work to make possible the treatments in all cases.



Once the treatment begins, the patient is in the heart of the organization chart of Uniclinic: the Dental and Medical Department. Practical entirety of our staff is composed by dentists. Our professionals work constantly to be the latest cutting edge training techniques and materials. Our dentists always provide the utmost seriousness and reliability to our patients, informing them in any case what is the best treatment plan for your case, as well as its durability over time.