The Perfection Of
Set Of The Mouth

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that deals with dental health problems related to the aesthetic harmony of the mouth. The actions that we carry out in our clinics in this area are intended to ensure that our patients get a perfect smile.

In Uniclinic, nowadays we answer the great existing demand in this regard. These are patients who have undergone an orthodontic and require more beautiful teeth colour. They may also have a deformed piece and they would like to fix it by a veneer or cover. The result is the aesthetic improvement of a healthy mouth.




Dental health is also passed on in aesthetic treatments, as they involve a better bite, better swallowing and better positioning of the pieces.


Beauty is the most obvious benefit in this type of treatment, as an aesthetic enrichment of the patient’s mouth is achieved, which improves and takes advantage of his mouth as a whole.


The intervention in aesthetic dental problems of colour or deformation affects the patient providing further strengthening and increased security that has positive consequences for their daily life and on the functioning of the oral assembly itself.


Applied Technology


3D Printing

The resource of 3D printing for improvement of oral interventions is used in both clinical and laboratory. This is detailed studies of each mouth to specialized treatments.


Laser Whitening

In Uniclinic, the treatment of patients seeking dental whitening is performed by laser whitening with Quickwhite brand, a brand pioneer and leader in the sector.


Dental Covers

Another type of intervention is that we carry out with patients seeking to improve the aesthetics of those pieces that have suffered some kind of anatomical deformation. For these treatments are commonly used covers or veneers.