The Healing Of
Oral Diseases

In Uniclinic we have a specialized team in responding to problems of lack of oral health caused by dirt (gingivitis) or periodontal disease, known as pyorrhoea. In this area, we intervene to patients who are already affected by one of these assumptions. In the case of gingivitis, he/she usually has dirt symptoms between tooth and gingiva t, which contaminates blood supply causing loss of stability of the piece, since the bone and gingiva diminish and do not have primary stability. When the oral bacteria of gingivitis have too much dirt, they contaminate the area and inflame the periodontium, resulting in periodontal disease. Factors that influence these patients are poor hygiene, an inherited genetics or bad habits such as tobacco consumption, alcohol, etc.




Proper maintenance of dental pieces in the mouth is the most logical and immediate beneficial consequence of our periodontal treatments. To this we must join aesthetics, not bleeding or have visible consequences of the disease.


Healthcare is an important benefit reporting periodontics in a patient with gingivitis or periodontal disease. The stop having such segregation or continuous bleeding is a significant improvement of oral and general health of the patient.


Periodontics also provides secondary benefits in our patients, which prevent the relationship with other diseases such as coronary or gastrointestinal.


Applied Technology


Saliva Test

It is usually used to identify the PH levels of the patient and see the level of contamination of the mouth. It draws on this method in cases of patients presenting with features of periodontal disease.


Rotating System

Another technique that we carry out in our clinics is cleaned by rotating system, for which we have specific strawberries, ultrasound and laser to undertake a deep cleaning to combat the presence of disease symptoms.



In cases in which the patient’s tooth is exposed, we make a serial or regenerative cleaning using bone. In all cases, we use x-rays and a wide range of products, derivatives and medicines that can be used.