Guidelines For
Dental Health

In Uniclinic, we offer a comprehensive service of orthodontics. In all cases, a concrete previous study for each case is done with digital radiography, to automate procedures. In the past, dentists saw teeth that have been moved to one side and applied orthodontics. Nowadays, it is guiding monthly so everyone gets the same treatment, which has also allowed limit the time.

Uniclinic’s patient has access to the previous study, allowing you to know the treatment plan and know from scratch what it will look your mouth and this benefit is for life.




A good occlusion or bite is one of the main consequences of Uniclinic’s patient finds when he/she is subjected to an orthodontics treatment, which affects increased durability of the dental pieces.


Hygiene and good dental health is also an important benefit of orthodontics, since do not generate or ingest waste, the patient is more free of contamination and, therefore, healthier.


The indirect consequences of good health that obtained through our orthodontics are several. One is combating migraine headache since has been proven that a bad bite causes dental nerve connections complicating irrigation brain.


Applied Technology


Conventional Orthodontics

They are traditional metal brackets. This is usually the solution for most packs of treatment that Uniclinic’s orthodontic offers. Its function is to align, decrowd and establish a stable bite.


Sapphire Brackets

They are used for cases that require more aesthetic, but always with the same technique. In Uniclinic we are aware of the importance of the quality of material, so we work with major brands.


Invisible Orthodontics

Thanks to 3D printing, we offer a service without orthodontic brackets. Our Invisalign provider, a pioneer in the sector of invisible orthodontics allows us to offer the highest quality and the best treatment plan. We cover almost all treatments, resulting in a more comfortable orthodontics, which does not produce friction and abrasions and with a high aesthetic.