Pediatric Dentistry

The Children’s
Family Doctor

Pediatric dentistry fulfills all the functions of general dentistry, but focused on the child patient. We offer a comprehensive service in protective and / or regenerative dentistry, responding to needs have the child patient within dental cleaning, fillings or endodontics.

We work across the spectrum that has to do with maintaining healthy mouth structure.

Concerning children, our professionals have specific preparation, using psychology and child behaviour studies to have a higher quality treatment and consistent with the patient.




Prevention is one of the main benefits of conservative dentistry. The patient does not wait for the tooth it hurts to receive treatment and more invasive, but instead uses the most beneficial means of hygiene to act in advance of the problem.


Dental health in the context of child treatment involves an added benefit, as is the culture of oral health. The contact since childhood with the needs and dental care benefits generate health habits and care that have a positive impact in adulthood.


Applied Technology


Dental Radiodiagnostics

Is the radiology oriented patient diagnosis. It consists mainly of vision cameras. Radiodiagnosis involves introducing a small camera on the patient’s mouth to identify the presence of cavities or other abnormalities.


Panoramic X-ray

It is also known as panoramic radiography, is a high digital technology consisting of a panoramic radiograph of the entire mouth. The patient undergoes a scan to know their specific needs and what treatment you need.