General Dentistry

The Family Doctor
Of Teeth

We offer a comprehensive service in protective and / or regenerative dentistry, answering the needs that the patient has within teeth cleaning, fillings or endodontics.

In Uniclinic dental centres, we work on everything you need to maintain healthy oral structure. Our professionals in General Dentistry play the role of family doctor of teeth, answering all the patient’s needs in terms of sanitation, fillings or cleanings.

In this clinical area, our patients can find the family doctor without specific specialties, which is responsible for responding to all questions of primary health care in order to keep healthy and clean the mouth of our patients.




Prevention is one of the main benefits of conservative dentistry. Uniclinic’s patient does not wait for the tooth it hurts for receiving more invasive treatment, but uses the most beneficial means of hygiene to act as soon as possible.


Quality is the great benefit of restorative dentistry. The patient should have from any specialty that has been treated and technique that has received a maintenance over time for these treatments should be most beneficial or if you need an improvement will do it on time.


Applied Technology


Dental radiodiagnosis

The radiology is oriented to patient diagnosis. It consists primarily of vision cameras. Radiodiagnosis involves introducing a small camera on the patient’s mouth to identify the presence of caries or other abnormalities.


Panoramic X-ray

It is also known as panoramic radiography, is high digital technology consisting of a panoramic radiography of the entire mouth. The patient receives an exploration to know their specific needs and know what treatment you need.